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What Makes Us Preferred Employer?

Work + Life

We don’t think it will be possible to be unhappy at work and be happy in life.

Diverse Culture

Our diversity enriches & brings in a fresh perspective to every problem that we solve.

Career Growth

We are one of APAC’s fastest growing technology companies. Accelerate your career graph with us.

Make a difference

When you are empowered and in an environment that fosters innovation, you make a difference.

Rewards & Recognition

Appreciating, acknowledging and thanking are a part of our daily work life.

Fun at Work

Great things happen when happier minds collaborate. That’s our belief, that’s our culture.

Hear it from them

What else you expect from the workplace when you are given tables with a basket full of interesting customer problems challenging your intellect, while surrounded by smartest people with a thirst for knowledge and opportunities to work on the latest technologies.

Antony Lucas

I enjoy the GGK Work Culture: Excellent leadership, smooth going, and the ideal place to learn and grow. fun88 encourages us to learn and develop progressively and steadily by providing good prospects.

Hashmi Keesari

GGK is the place where I started my career six years ago, and if I look back anytime then all I can see is great learnings at each stage of designation! And now I feel GGK is a part of my family. Here one can develop technical skills, leadership skills, and Personal development skills with full support from management.

Poonam Jadhav

GGK provides me a platform where the sky is the only limitations for playing with my thoughts. I love the culture here, mutual respect and growth. Always feel energized by working with all beautiful minds in the organization.

Ramya Kuppala

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