Making healthcare efficient, effective & affordable through innovative technology solutions

Today, the healthcare industry is undergoing a significant technology transformation. The focus of the business has been shifting to accountability, affordability and quality of outcomes. In order to survive in this changing ecosystem, healthcare organizations need innovative and transformative technology solutions that not only improve their customer centricity but also improve their operational efficiencies.

GGK has a long history of helping healthcare organizations adapt to new business models through fun88手机版 and enabling them.

Achieve operational excellence

Improve care outcome

Enhance customer experience

Reduce administrative costs

Seamlessly integrate information from multiple inputs

Generate useful business insights

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream


US health payer industry is an industry in transition. The rapidly changing industry scenarios mean a plethora of challenges to the health payers resulting from ACA, Health insurance exchanges, consumerism, newer business models, competition from provider health plans and much more. In order to adapt, evolve and stay relevant, the payers require technology driven innovation at all levels. GGK with its years of experience in providing technology solutions to payers can help you compete and win in the times of uncertainty.


Today’s healthcare providers face huge amount of challenges due to increasing government regulations, demanding consumers as well as escalating costs of clinical operations. There is a pressing need to improve the quality of the care delivery and efficiency of the operations. In order to compete and stay relevant, the healthcare providers need fun88手机版 solutions which can streamline the internal operations, enable interoperability and generate valuable business insights from their clinical and financial data

Life sciences

The reform-driven shift to outcomes-focused, value-based payment and reimbursement systems continues to have a deep impact on life sciences companies. The pricing & cost pressures along with ever changing regulatory environment is pushing them to optimize costs and pursue operational excellence across the organisation.  GGK helps life sciences companies achieve the dual goals of driving innovation and achieving operational efficiencies in a price sensitive market. Partner with us today to understand how GGK’s best-of-breed approach can address your pain points around cost, compliance and time to market.

Healthcare Technology

As healthcare overall becomes more & more consumer-focused, technological advances such as wearable and new age consumer wellness apps are hogging the limelight than ever before. While the whole space is still in its infancy, early movers have already started realising the vast potential. Whether you are building the next consumer healthcare app or looking to augment your existing offering, speak to us on how we can partner to bring in the skills and the ability to scale while empowering you to disrupt the space.

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