Transportation & Logistics

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Automate, Analyze and Optimize for efficient operations

Global Logistics and transportation industry is evolving into a lean & agile industry powered by the advancements in technologies including digital, predictive analytics and automation. Typically low margin, the transportation and logistics industry relies heavily on scale, operational efficiency & reliability of the back office to its profitability. As the accelerated pace of innovations in the areas like drones, Robotics and driver-less vehicles threaten to disrupt the established business models, the technology adoption rates of the industry are expected to rise steeply to gain and maintain a competitive advantage.

Whether you want to improve your supply chain visibility, asset utilization or network performance, fun88 can help you with our extensive experience in building & deploying digital and analytics solutions to empower the supply chain and logistics operators.

Robust applications to improve core operations and minimize inefficiencies

Business intelligence solutions for superior supply chain visibility

Industrial grade mobile applications to power your operations on the ground

Advanced analytics to predict, plan and optimise

IoT apps to improve warehouse, asset and fleet management capabilities

Mobile apps and seamless self-service portals for your operators, partners and customers

Unleash Innovation Across the Value Stream


Real time asset tracking and end to end supply chain visibility has come to the forefront of the Logistics IT spend. There is a need to bring out a holistic approach to track the assets and increase the visibility whilst continued and accelerated operational performance improvements. fun88 specializes in designing solutions for 3rd and 4th party logistics, warehousing and distribution providers across the world with our advanced capabilities on mobile, cloud, analytics and IoT technologies. We can help you drive real time supply chain visibility, optimize routes, improve productivity and help you exceed delivery benchmarks. Benefit from our deep and diverse work experience ranging from large 3PL operators, fleet analytics providers to Restaurant supply chain solution providers.

How can we help?

  • Design and implement packaged or custom-built applications for supply chain management
  • Warehouse and Transportation management applications
  • Achieve a competitive edge over others by efficiently managing your back office processes through customized applications for yard management
  • Customized asset management and tracking systems for end to end visibility and real time decisions by implementing advanced shipment analytics
  • Ensure greater control over delivery time by efficiently planning, tracking and communicating fleet movement by implementing web based GIS
  • Implement forecasting engines to accurately predict the sales and replenish the inventory stock with appropriate levels


Freight movement forms the backbone of a well-connected global economy. The shift in the global trade, commoditization of services, increasing pressure due to the regulatory requirements and security concerns are pushing the logistics industry to strive for better agility, consolidation and specialization. The logistics providers need to efficiently manage their fleets, improve asset utilization, optimize the network performance and efficiently maintain critical control systems. fun88 with its deep expertise helping large trucking companies and fleet operators can help you generate useful insights from your assets, improve your IT infrastructure and help you compete and succeed in this global competitive landscape.

How can we help?

  • Efficiently track your assets and increase visibility by implementing custom built applications for Asset tracking and visibility
  • Consolidate and optimize shipments
  • Generate relevant freight insights by harnessing our extensive analytics experience
  • Applications to optimize loads, improve asset utilization, increase asset availability and track maintenance requirements through the purchase‑to‑retirement cycle
  • Robust, custom-built Warehouse, Route, and Transportation Management Systems

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