Natural Language Processing

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Looking for STRATEGIC INSIGHTS from voice or text data ?

Natural Language Processing (NLP), one of the enablers of Artificial Intelligence (AI), is the ability of a computer program to understand how human beings communicate in natural language. In other words, NLP is an interdisciplinary of Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Linguistics concerned with the extraction of meanings from human interactions in a way that is very similar to how the human brain understands language. These systems are further capable of automatically generating text based on this understanding, what we refer as Natural Language Generation (NLG). Behind all this, there are powerful computers and sophisticated algorithms that analyze vast amounts of text to understand how humans speak, identify words and grammar, understand the context to find meanings in large amounts of text or voice.

Why do we need NLP?

We are in the middle of a data explosion like never before in the history. More than 90% of relevant data is unstructured – in emails, surveys, social media conversations, online reviews, text documents and many more. And on top of that, with multiple languages across channels, colloquial phrases, sarcasms and other forms of human expression, it’s a nightmare to understand or analyze. Reading through few millions of lines of text and extracting meanings is next to impossible for any human being, neither it is effective nor efficient, and that is where NLP comes to the rescue.

How do we help?

To capture insights from unstructured data, you need really sharp, accurate and relevant NLP tools, techniques and a skilled workforce to get the best out of them. Our Natural Language Processing (NLP) services delivers the most nuanced and accurate understanding of human language by leveraging our in-house expertise on data science, Machine learning and NLP. We also leverage commercial Natural Language engines and platforms to provide services in the best interest of our customers.

Our wide range of NLP services include:


  • Data Acquisition
  • Information Extraction
  • Statistical Language Processing
  • Text Mining
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Machine Translation
  • Question/Answering

How can you benefit?

While the business use cases for NLP and NLG are endless, here are some sample use cases that could act as the low hanging fruits to start your NLP journey.

Improve customer experiences: Apply NLP across all sources of customer data to eliminate data silos and create a single unified voice of your customer. You will understand the opinions, emotions, and intent at every stage of the customer journey and will be able to create outstanding customer experiences that boost engagement, drive revenue, and increase retention.

Social Media Monitoring (SMM): Analyze and derive insights from billions of social posts. Let your customers speak for themselves. Analyze thousands of social media comments, online reviews, and free-text survey responses in minutes. Hear what they’re saying in their own words. Understand exactly how customers feel, and why they feel that way. Build customer loyalty, improve retention, Perfect your go-to-market strategy and grow market share.

Workforce Analytics: Hassled by reading through thousands of surveys? Our solution can show you in minutes how employees feel about their company, managers, and work environments. Plus, we can help you understand exactly why they feel that way.

Product Management: NLP can help you build the products that your customers like. Understand their value perceptions. Leverage NLP solutions to hear what consumers really want, in their own words. Develop smart product strategies to meet those needs, Test launch strategies, get early feedback, Hit the right market, at the right time, with the right product.

Enterprise Search: Quickly process, categorize, and index millions of text documents. Summarize long, complicated documents, Trace root causes of issues, Empower engineering teams with indexed resources and content and improve customer support processes.

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