Better, Faster and Seamless

Looking for frequent deliveries and faster lead times?

DevOps (Portmanteau of “development” and “operations”) is a set of software engineering philosophies, practices and tools that aims at blending together software development and operations. DevOps automates the processes between software development and IT operations teams and facilitates a seamless collaboration. The benefits of adopting DevOps include faster software releases using traditional methods, ability to ship bug fixes quickly and better quality of products or services.

According to a recent DevOps survey by Puppet, high performing organizations outperform their lower performing peers with 200 times more frequent deployments and 2555 times faster lead times. Also, high performing organizations outperform low performers with 24 times faster recovery times and 3 times lower change failure rate. The business case to adopt and embrace a culture of  DevOps cannot be any stronger. Time to market is a very significant part of Competitiveness and in this context, DevOps can be the difference between winning and losing.

DevOps helps organizations to deliver software and services at a much faster velocity than traditional methods. Whether you are deliberating on adopting DevOps or need specific help with processes or tools set up, we can help. Our DevOps service offering include:

  1. Consulting & Advisory services
    • Advice on well-suited DevOps approach
    • Thorough assessment and analysis report of the as-is and to-be state
    • Value discovery sessions
    • DevOps maturity assessment and road-mapping
  2. Environment management
    • Configuration management
    • Automated software deployments at scale
    • Zero downtime management
    • Capacity planning, backup and recovery
  3. Infrastructure management
    • Automated provisioning
    • Auto-scaling
    • IAAC
  4. Code pipelines
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous deployment
    • Test automation
  5. Monitoring
    • Application performance monitoring,
    • Infrastructure monitoring
    •  Network monitoring,
    • Database monitoring
  6. Containerization & Container orchestration


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