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Should I move to cloud?

Which type of cloud should I use?

What applications do I need to move to cloud?

What are the benefits do I get by migrating to cloud?

Whether the need is focused on a single application, a group of applications or an entire portfolio, GGK has the capability to help you migrate and/or modernize applications to be cloud-ready. Our cloud experts will work with you to understand your current landscape and recommend the right approaches to rehost/refactor/rewrite /replatform / rearchitect/retain to suit your migration needs.

Zero Impact Migrations

Cloud migration is necessary to bridge the gap in business demand and IT capacity. Our Cloud Migration services help in moving infrastructure, applications and business processes of an organization to cloud, thus freeing the infrastructure. We leverage our proven and pragmatic migration methodology that leverages the right combination of tools, processes and rich experience in delivering large IT and cloud transformation programs to ensure reliable, predictable, faster and lower cost of migration.

Our industrialized and robust methodology for migrating workloads to the cloud delivers quick time-to-value. We ensure that the cloud architecture and migration pattern are aligned to your cloud ambitions, while industrial methods, tooling and automation drive high quality and cost effective migration.

 Cloud Migration Services identify areas of risk and opportunities for improving the performance and availability of critical business functions. Our solutions mitigate risk, maximize performance and invoke robust, repeatable processes leading to future business growth.

How we do?

  • Analysis and Planning
      • Infrastructure and cost review
      • Application footprint analysis
      • Insight into Application
      • Dependencies and risks
      • Detailed roadmap preparation
  • Proof of Concept and Validation
      • Data centre setup on Cloud platform
      • Networking and security configuration
      • Database backup strategies
      • Application deployment automation
  • Migration to Cloud
      • Business application migration
      • Database migration to managed/IaaS service
      • Custom machine images for legacy applications
  • Testing, Deployment and Cut-over

How can you benefit?

    • Accelerated time to value
    • Accelerated Migrations with near-zero impact
    • Tool-set based migration approach
    • Proven framework and methodology

Leverage our tools, capabilities and unparalleled experience across Cloud Platforms and technologies. Allow us to handle the complexities of your cloud migration and help you rapidly achieve your business outcomes. Please reach us for a free consultation call with our cloud migrations expert.

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