Cloud Operations

Planning, Governance and Optimization

Looking for a reliable partner to manage your day to day operations?

Cloud adoption among enterprises is at an all time high. A lot of organizations have either Cloud-First or Cloud-Only as their operating strategy. While migrating to cloud is one of the most important steps an enterprise can take, importance of what happens post migration cannot be understated. Cloud operations play a significant role in ensuring efficient resource utilization, compliance, risk mitigation, cost savings from optimized operations, and overall customer satisfaction. Cloud operations consist of the process of operating the cloud infrastructure and environment. Tools, processes and metrics are the key components which enable cloud operations. Cloud Operations is all about structured governance , optimized cloud resources, capacity planning and system availability.

Our cloud operations expertise includes:

  • Delivering cloud services and/or infrastructure
  • Optimizing performance, capacity and ensure proper resource management regardless of the platform used or infrastructure location
  • Meet SLA’s
  • Maintain compliance
  • Automate configuration management
  • Maintain transparency and proper metering
  • Ensure proper disaster recovery and mitigation
  • Ensure security at all levels

Leverage our decades of experience in helping leading enterprises migrate to cloud and operate efficiently, talk to our cloud expert to understand how we can help you operate your cloud environment better than ever.

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